Setup information required to get started


An example template to complete is available to download
BCX Network Monitoring Customer Setup Information.xls

- Confirm physical appliance supplied by Burconix, or VM on HyperV for on-prem bcxmonitor
- Confirm local static IP, subnet, gateway, dns, dns suffix for on-prem bcxmonitor
- Confirm if active/passive connection to - Firewall and bandwidth requirements
- Confirm customer dashboard access and customer email alert recipients
- Confirm list of non-windows network devices required for remote monitoring
- Confirm internet uplink port on core switch for accurate bandwidth usage statistics
- Confirm auto discovery IP range for detecting windows agent installations

Windows Agent Overview for VMs/Servers

Once your on-prem bcxmonitor has been configured, customers are required to deploy the windows agent to any servers as required:
How to deploy the windows agent on servers

Other Network Devices

Using the template download above, please list out each of the devices you have with associated information.
Physical Servers, SAN/Storage, UPS/Power, Core Switch, Edge Switch, Printers, IP Camera/CCTV, HTTP/HTTPS Web Services